Horse Program for UCA Students

We are so excited for what we can offer you. Students can bring their horses to school with them, take riding lessons, or take a horsemanship class. We are here to keep you close to your hair friends or introduce you to the amazing world of horses.

What we offer

Pasture Board $160 a month

We have about 20 acres of pasture that your horse can ran around in. We feed the horses hay during the winter. Water, mineral blocks, and shelter are always available to the horses. If your horses needs special care you need to do it yourself or make special arrangements with the manager. Be ready to pay extra fees or do self care if your horse is high maintenance.

You are responsible for farrier, vet, de-worming etc. But Manager should be able to be there for you if you have classes.

$20 per lesson

Lesson content may depend on current manager. Could be western or English depending on who is available to teach.

UCA student Prices

Monthly board $160
Lessons $20
Book a Riding Lesson
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